“Student Station” Funded with MALIM Grant

Thank you MALIM!

“Give thanks with a grateful heart….” The words of the hymn echo our praises for the generous $5000.00 grant that you have given our congregation, Redeemer Lutheran Church, Fredericksburg, VA for our Student Station project.

We would like to share with you the exciting ways God is working through your wonderful gift. What started out as a “project” that our congregation had undertaken to provide supervision for children who are attending school virtually and cannot be home alone when parents are working or otherwise away from home has turned into an exciting outreach ministry.

Your welcome grant has enabled us to install a phone and camera doorbell for security purposes, buy school supplies, online learning tools, snacks, and games/toys for the students to use when not in class, and enhance our wi-fi connection.

We currently have twelve students, five in middle school and seven in elementary school, from two counties who are coming to Redeemer to do their on-line schoolwork. Under the leadership and guidance of our outreach chair and our DCE intern, twenty-one members of Redeemer have offered to spend one or two or six hours working with these children every week. In addition, we have two high school students who are helping out. Not only do these volunteers help with the virtual learning, setting up the programs, and getting students connected with their teachers, but they have actually become one-on-one mentors to these young ones.

The circumstances surrounding the children are unique. Some have parents who are working and cannot be home, some have parents who are incarcerated, and some are part of a blended family whose relatives are caring for them. Many have no church connection. The volunteers not only help them with their schoolwork but care for them and have come to love them. Almost all of the families we serve have started attending our outreach events and one family has even joined our worship services on the weekends.

This ministry has been a blessing to Redeemer, and we see these students as gifts from God. We are humbled that He is allowing us to make a difference in their lives.
At a time when Covid-19 has shut down many places, the Lord has opened the doors of our church and the hearts of our members to connect these students and their families with Jesus. Thank you for being such a large part of this ministry.

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