MALIM Awards Grant to Lutheran Servants for Christ

On Sunday, October 23, 2022, Pr. Tim Fangmeier, representing MALIM’s Board of Directors, presented a MALIM grant to Lutheran Servants for Christ, a group that helps with disaster response in the Southeastern District. The presentation took place at Hope Lutheran Church in Wake Forest, NC to Pr. Wayne Puls, who serves on the Board of Directors for LCS.
The grant is helping to fund the purchase of a trailer and cooking equipment for the new mobile food ministry that the congregation at Hope, Wake Forest has been helping to get started. The food ministry trailer will eventually be shared through LSC with other congregations, who want to be involved in serving the needy in their local communities, and in disaster zones.
Shown is Pr. Wayne Puls, Deaconess Sally Hiller, and Pr. Tim Fangmeier

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