MALIM Awards Grant for “Wiggle Church”

In 2022, MALIM awarded a grant to Redeemer Lutheran Church in Richmond, VA for a new outreach ministry called “Wiggle Church”.  The purpose of Wiggle Church is to bridge the relationship between Redeemer’s Child Development Center and the church.  The service encourages parents and young children to attend together and offers Gospel-centered activities and worship.

Becky Wade, Director of Community Engagement shares:  “We have seen CDC families join our church because of their participation in Wiggle Church. We have seen families become actively involved in other Redeemer activities because of Wiggle Church! The relationships between the families that attend Wiggle Church, the staff that participates and the volunteers that participate is a true testament to the success of this project!

Over 65 people are regularly attending this new service and Redeemer is gearing up for a new school year and for reaching even more families with the Good News of Jesus!

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Watch a video of Wiggle Church here:

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